Watch for it…

Watch For it… OFWGKTA

It would be irresponsible of me as a blogger not to make mention of these dudes. Think the black version of Insane Clown Posse over Neptunes production, with less clown makeup and more swag. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is quickly taking over and might be one of the most interesting acts to hit the scene in a long time. These dudes are either on to something, on something, or both, either way, the shit works!

I first came across OFWGKTA a couple months ago via an interview they [Tyler the Creator, their leader] did with the blog Cool’eh. It was such a well-done interview that, I had to find out more. So I started doing my digging. OFWGKTA is a collective of artists, rappers, producers, and skaters with a growing cult following. Since my initial introduction the crew, I started noticing the name pop up everywhere.. I must admit, I didn’t get it at first..

Shit was disturbing to say the least. Over time, however, I continued to follow these dudes and downloaded more of the music, and now the shit makes perfect sense to me..

These dudes are the Young & the Restless for real. They act it out in a way thats meant to scare the shit out of you but it does make you ask yourself, “How the fuck these kids come up with this shit in the first place?” Thats what makes this shit art! I can’t wait to hear what they got in the works but you can be assured I’ll be keeping a close eye on their tumblr for the latest. You should too..

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Boston’s Own: Sofia Snow

I was waitin to see this. Shoutout to Scope Urban Apparel and Dante Luna doin the series highlighting the local talent.

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Pledge Allegiance

Brand new from PEMG. Wish I would’ve made it out to Staten Island for their show over the weekend but in any event the new video is hot to death!

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From the Vault: Want it!?!?

The beginning of PEMG… NaeInk, Smoov Da Great, Big Nay the Ice Queen..

This is the first video for PEMG! We never released it but as we prepare to launch the video for Pledge of Allegiance we want to take it back to the foundation. This first project features some of our extended family first on deck is NaeInk repping Chi-town and Grand Rapids MI all day! We also have our big homie CatchWreck repping Boston Mass. 
And of course we have official PEMG members Smoov the Great and BigNay the IceQueen. 
This is what it is .. and that’s what’s up!


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More Music!

2 of the Artists featured on Watch for it Dropped projects this week. And the best part is they are both available free of charge!

JDante and Dawnson’s Destiny dropped yesterday and you can get it for free on bandcamp.
Rafael Casal’s Bay Boy just dropped as well and is available via his website, the Getback.

Both of these joints are highly recommended and did I mention free?

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Watch For it… (Part 4: Milwaukee Hip Hop Edition)

Volume 4. I know, I know, at this rate I probably should’ve called it “wait for it” but what can I say? I’m learning very quickly how difficult it is to maintain a consistent blog. That being said, let me waist no more time.

This edition focuses specifically on the bubbling Hip Hop scene out in Milwaukee, WI. If you don’t know, now you know: Cats is gettin it in out there. For example:


Name: Oye
Age: 20
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

After solid beats and dope lyrics, what more do you need to stand out as a Hip Hop artist? A little style never hurt. And my dude right here got it. Just 20 years old and already making major moves linkin up with the homies at Inkred Clothing to put out his debut project, the In my Mind EP. The joint is bangin, Dont believe me go log onto and see for yourself. Also check his interview out on Crayon Beats.


Name: R-Tystic
Age: 21
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

Part of the team of Hip Hop superheroes known as SAFS crew, R-Tystic is just one of many nasty lyricists holdin it down for Milwaukee. Featured prominently on Dukalion’s The Boiling Point sampler, R-Tystic sets himself apart from many of his fellow MCs with a unique laid-back style.


Name: Dukalion
Age: 20
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

“and can’t nobody put it down like…” Dukalion, reppin the SAFS crew. If you got volume 1 of “#Nowplaying” then you know that Duke is definitely NOT playing. When I threw on the Boiling Point Sampler for the first time, I had no idea what to expect.. Coming from a city known for haters like Boston, I was fully prepared to criticize the hell out of the project before I heard it.. But after listening, I must say, the joint bangs start to finish and I can’t wait to hear what my dude got in the works next. We’ll be watchin for it…


Name: Sunny Daze
Age: 19
Hometown: Milwaukee WI
Genre: Hip Hop

And for the fans of Kid Cudi (and things of that nature), be sure to check for this guy right here. Once again, SAFS crew is to blame. Sunny Daze is on his own sh*t. Space Alien.. not of this world you dig!? My dude said, “All I know is spaceships and fly chicks” Do i smell a Ghostface collab?? #letmestop.

But seriosly, jokes aside, yall really do need to stop sleeping. I’m not doing this to promote these artists. They don’t need my help. I’m trying to put you on to what is about to take over the music industry. If you are keeping up, you cannot say nobody gave you the heads up. To quote a famous rapper who just put an album out, “Thank me Later.”

For more on the Milwaukee Hip Hop scene, I recommend this blog:

And since this is my sh*t and I can do what I want, I’m only postin four today, and 6 next time. You don’t like it?? Sue me..or get your own blog! I do what I feel like. What!?

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Watch for it… (Part 3)

Wake up and smell the talent. I know I’m behind on this, but here we are, Day 3 of the 25 hottest artists under 25. Lets get right to it..


Name: Elidee Notes
Age: 15
Hometown: Dorchester, MA
Genre: Soul / Indy Rock / Eclectic

The youngest to be featured on this list so far, Elidee Notes is definitely a problem. Able to sing, write poetry, and play multiple instruments, she has quite a bit to offer as far as talent goes. If you check out some of her stuff on Youtube and Reverbnation, you’ll notice she not only has an amazing voice, but also a versatility to what she does that so many seem to be lacking in this current music industry. I can’t wait to hear more. Follow her on twitter.


Name: JDante
Age: 20

Hometown: Chicago, IL / Milwaukee, WI / Madison, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

Super, Hyper, Mega, Cool, my dude JDante out of the Midwest let you know exactly what to expect from him on his debut EP. Another member of University of Wisconsin’s First Wave click, J is definitely someone to watch for. He recently released the “Whole New World” EP along with producer Man Mantus of World Around Records. The project is getting crazy buzz overseas and will hopefully catch on here in the states real soon. In the meantime, watch for it.


Name: Smoov Da Great

Age: 20
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Genre: Hip Hop

Its no surprise Smoov Da Great of PEMG (Petroleum Empire Media Group) is killin it right now. Son of the legendary NYOIL (formerly Cool Kim of the UMCs) its clear Smoov has been exposed to Hip Hop from a young age. His new video “IDGAF” along with Lyrics of BFAM, is a real nice reflective joint with a humorous touch in the video. Don’t get caught sleeping..


Name: Phonetic One
Age:  19
Hometown: Minneapolis
Genre: Hip Hop
Shout out to Rafael Casal for putting me on to this young man right here. With two solid projects available for download via his bandcamp page, Phonetic One is doing his thing. Phonetic Phenom, the EP, lets you know this cat is not to be played with and the follow-up, On the Bus Stop is right on time as well with clever lyrics and blazing beats to boot. Don’t miss out.
Name: Snap Boogie
Age: 17
Hometown: Boston, MA
Genre: Dance
Anyone who meets Snap Boogie cannot help but be impressed. I met this young man when he was about 11 years old. He was grinding then and has not stopped for so much as a water break. A B-Boy at heart, Snap is also versed in many forms of Dance from Tap to Hip-Hop. If you’re not seeing him doing his thing with the Floor Lords Crew in Boston, you might catch him on the Red Line or in Harvard Square grinding and hustling his art in the streets. 

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Watch for it… (Part 2)

Day 2 Ladies and gentlemen. I sure hope you all are payin attention. Everybody you see featured here is destined for big things. You think I’m playin? Just watch for it..

Number 6.

Name: Illiam Savant
Age: 20
Hometown: Boston, MA
: Hip Hop

Illy Sav, I been rollin with this dude since middle school. The die-hards in the Bean (Boston) will probably remember him from the Reality Click when my dude went by Tres. For the past month, myself, Ray Leon, and Ill, been at work on our different projects and we will be taking over for the Summer. Don’t say nobody told you though.. Check for him on his myspace, twitter, and facebook.


Name: OTO
Age: 24
Hometown: Roxbury, MA
Genre: Hip-Hop

OTO (Overtime Often) of the Prime Suspects is from the same neighborhood as me (Roxbury, Eggy all day!!). Him and the PS click been doin it in the Bean for at least a few years and were some of the first young cats I saw doing music videos courtesy of Mr. Dante Luna. With not only raw lyrics and crafty delivery but a grind and work ethic that hasn’t been seen in quite a while, I’m certain you’ll be hearing from O and PS sooner rather than later. Give this gutter anthem, “Good Guys Neva Win” a listen, and watch for my cameo..


Name: Chilla Jones
Age: 24
Hometown: Dorchester, MA
Genre: Hip Hop

Another street-savy wordsmith with some things to say, Chilla and I got acquainted, once again, through, Sofia Snow and also Uno the Prophet. As much as MCs (especially in this city) love to hate on one another, I can’t front on dude right here. The mixtape, Timebomb is solid and definitely somethin to check for. Him and I also been gettin consistent airtime on the Tito and Talib show at Emerson, hosted by somebody else that I listed here, (see if you can guess who).

One thing I feel obliged to make mention of here, despite the reputation my city has of artists not supporting, is that the next generation of artist to come up will, in fact, support, acknowledge and promote one another’s work. Lets get to the next artist.. #watchforit

Name: Sofia Snow
Age: 21
Hometown: Roslindale, MA
Genre: Spoken Word / Poetry / Hip Hop
Anybody and I mean anybody who’s seen Sofia Snow perform or heard her poetry has been moved by it. No exaggeration, Sofia’s words are inspirational, healing, and truly uplifting. Currently attending the First Wave program at the University of Wisconsin, Sofia remains as committed to the community as she is to her art, organizing and volunteering in her spare time. I recently got the pleasure of being in the studio for the recording of her first Hip Hop cut and the joint is fire! Here go her video of the poem, 3 Witnesses.

Three Witnesses from Rene Dongo on Vimeo.


Name: Starchild
Age: 22
Hometown: DC, Maryland, Virginia / Egypt
Genre: Hip Hop
Wake up and smell the gunsmoke.. All my conscious, Pan-African, Pro-Black, Revolutionary heads have got to check for this cat right here. I found this dude on myspace a couple years ago and immediately wanted to work with him. He’s featured on Hip-Hop 4 Black Unity‘s Conscious Artist Database and his mixtape, Lion of the Desert is no joke. Lookout for the Catch Wreck/Starchild colab comin real soon. But in the meantime cop the mixtape and support the movement. #hollablack
And that does it for today folks. Tomorrow, 5 more young artists to watch for. Stay tuned.

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Watch for it… (Part 1)

So for the next 5 days, I will be sharing with you all 25 artists under the age of 25 that you need to know about. With the release of the Young & the Restless just around the corner, I figure now’s a good time to highlight a little bit of the work some of my peers are putting in. Lets get into it…

First up…

Name: Ray Leon
Age: 19

Hometown: Boston, MA
Genre: Hip-Hop

Already a war veteran at only 19, Rey Leon, has quite a story to tell. His debut EP, “The Pledge”, dropping this Spring, will offer listeners a glimpse of some of that story. The first single, “I Still Love Her” borrows the instrumental from the classic Common Sense record.


Name: Rafael Casal
Age: 24 (just made it)
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Genre: Hip Hop / Spoken Word

Though we were both featured on George Watsky‘s album, and I had heard things about this artist here and there, I must admit I’ve been sleeping. It wasn’t until just last week that I gave his album, Monster (click to download), a serious listen. I’m sure glad I did though. I’m rarely moved by an entire project but this one deserves it. Fire all the way through. Giant is a song any man who’s been in a disfunctional relationship should have no trouble relating to. What you think?


Name: Blizz Cartel
Age: 22
Hometown: Roxbury, MA
Genre: Hip Hop

One of the nastiest producers in the Boston area. When it comes to fire, Blizz Cartel got more to offer than a little bit. Currently at work on his debut project, Blizz has provided beats for the likes of myself, Illiam Savant (Tres), J. Nolan, Gridlock Entertainment and many others for years. Listen to the tracks he got up on soundclick as well some of the blazing sh*t we’ve worked together on (Hotter, A Love, Fight Back…and a whole bunch more on this Young & The Restless. ya heard?)


Name: Safia Elhillo
Age: 19
Hometown: Khartoum, Sudan
Genre: Spoken Word / Poetry
I was in love with this sister before I even met her. Gotta thank my dude, Uno the Prophet for the introduction. Safia is no joke. A brilliant writer and multi-talented artist, I watched her perform a poem a couple weeks ago at CUPSI that gave me chills. Do yourself a favor and get hip..

Check out her blog

And the last one for today….

Name: Rene Dongo
Age: 21
Hometown: Roslindale, MA
Genre: Film

Rene Dongo is the director I work exclusively with for all my joints. He did the one you see above for Rey Leon as well as countless others. I got connected to him through Sofia Snow, who you’ll read about later, but when you watch this man’s Demo real, pay close attention to his eye for dope visuals…

Demo Reel from Rene Dongo on Vimeo.

Join me tomorrow when I give you the next 5 to watch 4…
Holla Black!!

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