Che Guavera

A few years ago when I was working on the Young & the Restless, I recorded a song over a beat I got from Kimo that I had been sitting on for weeks. I wrote the song a couple years prior to the recording session at the height of my militant and radical teenage rebellion. I called the song ‘Che Guavera’ for obvious reasons. The rhythm of the track along with my ferocious threats of a violent uprising, I felt, captured the spirit of what Che Guavera meant to me at the time. For a while only the verses had been recorded with empty space in between. To fill that space, my good friend, Spanks, a transplant from Los Angeles, California, assisted me in finishing up the record. Once it was complete I decided that it didn’t fit well with the rest of the songs on the Young & the Restless so I took it off. I did however intend to share it eventually so I decided not to wait any longer and let it out. It may seem like out of place compared to my recent work, but if you’ve been following me from the beginning this should all make sense.