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Sorry, I did it again..

So according to my google analytics there’s someone out there still checkin for this.. Busy as I am, its only right I hit yall with an update.

I’ve been busy as hell with the release of ADHD, which I’m pleased to announce has gotten a great response so far..Shoutout to Kev Knottingham, Rock the Dub, Hip Hop is Read, Bostonianz617, Dotgotit, Pen and Sword, TittyPuncher (yes u read that right), The Leakage, Fresh Hip Hop Music, Thats Major, Bsand3s, and any other blog I might’ve forgot to mention that showed love.

I’ve also been serving as the head of marketing for Scope Urban Apparel and still looking for a day job (I’m not one of those bloggers that makes a living off it).  In any event, its been a long time, and I shouldn’t have left you, without.. blah blah blah yall know the Rakim sh*t.

So, what’s new with me? Same sh*t different day, music, disgruntled twitter rants, and failed relationships. We had a very successful release party for ADHD at Kulturez in Harvard Square.. Since then I’ve pretty much been spending my nights in the studio working on new material, and my days hunting down Hip Hop celebrities to endorse Scope.

Myself and Tyler the Creator – Click for more photos

Its been fun. Last week, I met Tyler and those crazy Odd Future delinquents at the much publicized “riot” at the Newbury Comics in-store. I also put some new joints out myself.

I can’t guarantee how consistent I’ll be with keeping up with this blog but I will try to keep yall updated as much as possible. Don’t forget I also have a tumblr which I check a lot more often so don’t think I’ve disappeared completely from cyberspace. Just know bein a RapperSlashBlogger is a lot harder than it looks so cut me some slack.


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Re- Emergence

Couple shows coming up in the month of March as I rear my head from obscurity once again. If you are in or around the Boston area I strongly encourage you to come out and support. ADHD is closer than you think but in the meantime you should definitely come out to hear some of the new material performed live.

The first show goes down in a couple weeks at Hibernian Hall in Dudley. Can’t believe we’re in our 5th year and on our 9th show!
Saturday, March 12th 2011
YGB Movement, Voices of Liberation & BloodSkinLand Productions
(in association with the Madison Park Development Corporation)
proudly presents
YOUNG GIFTED & BLACK – The 9th Revolution
Boston’s bi-weekly youth explosion returning for the 9th time with a collage of poetry, spoken word, rhyme, song, music, dance and more!
@ Hibernian Hall
184 Dudley St. – 3rd floor
Roxbury/Dudley Sq. (next to fire department & barber shop)
5:00pm – 8:00pm (doors open at 4:30pm)
Scheduled to perform:
and more TBA!!
$5.00 tickets in advance / $8.00 at the door
To purchase tickets, visit
Contact VCR later for more info
617-480-7663 or
The second show is part of a 5-city tour my dude Savant will be wrapping up in Cambridge at the Cantab.

The 5th and final leg of the Abstract Music Tour stops in the Boston vicinity at one of the city’s prominent Central Square venues and teams up with one of the Bean’s burgeoning urban music labels in OneThree Music and one of its young rising stars in Catch Wreck to bring the tour to a rousing close.

Date: Friday, March 18th, 2011
Location: The Cantab Lounge// 738 Massachusetts Ave// Cambridge, MA 02139
Savant (aka Stanstro)
Purpose of the Tragic Allies
Catch Wreck
Sounds by Diggers Union’s DJ Books
Doors open at 8pm
Show starts at 9pm
Ages 21 and up
$7 cover before 10 pm/ $10 cover after 10pm

I’m excited to be a part of both shows and I hope you won’t be foolish enough to miss either one.


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Back 4 the 3rd Tyme..

The thing is, when you have a life, it gets very difficult to keep a blog updated constantly with new material.. Especially when you are the sole-contributor.. If there’s any other rappers out there who want to contribute your more than welcome, the more the merrier.. In any event I’m back on this, Happy belated new year to everybody who still bothers to check this, and happy 22nd birthday to me!

1st things 1st… ADHD will be out very soon and I just put out a new music video! I got mixed reviews about my self-edited, overly artsy piece for Concerto, so Rene Dongo and I teamed up once again to put some visuals with the record, “1Tyme4urMynd”. The song and video mark a slightly new direction in my work, a more personal and honest approach as far as the lyrics go. With ADHD, I tried not to limit myself to “sounding like a conscious rapper” when it came to the writing, it was a a risk in terms of how I expect people to react, but so far I am extremely happy with the results. With 1tyme4urmynd, Rah Intelligence supplied a beat that starts off very dark and sinister sounding.. It lets the sun come out for just a moment before going right back into that dark place – very much a reflection of where I was at mentally while writing.. I left song structure alone and decided to just rhyme all the way through the record as opposed to trying to come up with a hook.. When Arcitype and I recorded it, we got it in one take with no punches.

Note the symbolic transitions and Rene’s use of contrasting images throughout the piece. I guarantee your going to want to watch this more than once…

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Yes, I did..

Concerto by Catch Wreck

The new project ADHD is almost complete.. It’s been a little while since I put something new out and I got tired of waiting.

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Retrospek: Get Familiar!

From Left: Junelyfe, Rah Intelligence, Spenda (Retrospek), Myself, Mark Merrin, Mr. Lif, and Edan @ Church in Boston

For those that don’t know, Retrospek is easily one of the most slept on Hip-Hop groups from the Bean in a long time. If you don’t already have SumShytWeDid in your mp3 player, stop slackin and get it now.

2 weeks ago, at the Church nightclub in Boston, along with Dagha, Moe Pope, and Edan, Retrospek put it down live at one of the dopest nights for local Hip-Hop in a long time…

Additionally, this morning a track called “Ruff Coffee Break” off of their upcoming EP surfaced.. if its any indication of what to expect in the future from these dudes, then there’s a lot of rappers in a lot of trouble..

Ruff Coffee Break by rahintelligence

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Its Nothing but…

Goin down Friday, November 5th at Amauri’s Boutique in Jamaica Plain…
Just Added to the list of invited guests: Dagha (Electric Company and Project Tree) and Dutch Rebelle (Fanous Nobodies)
This is not something you’ll want to miss if your in the area..

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Trill OG

At Karma Loop (@KarmaLoopBoston) w/ Bun B (@BunBTrillOG) of UGK (RIP Pimp C) for the release of the “Trill OG” Ts
Go to Scope’s Facebook page for the rest of our photos from last night’s adventures on Newbury St.

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Catch Wreck on Interstate Mixtape Vol. 1

(Download Link via ThatCrack below)
01. Jigg (Miami) – Rockin Wit
02. Stik Figa (Kansas City) – Dirty South
03. Zoom AKA Brazy (New York) – Brazy (Produced By Pay Homage)
04. Catch Wreck (Boston) – Too Hot (Produced By Loon3)
05. Travieso (Inland Empire) – Its Official
06. Rocky ASAP (New York) – Bittersweet Symphony
07. H2 HardHeadz (C.W.) , Young Shaad, & A.R. (San Fransisco) – Kissing You
08. Da block (Los Angeles) -This is DF
09. Young Trav(Kansas City) – There for You
10. FatkidsBrotha(Atlanta) – Dope since 88′
11. Triggs, Krome and Mr. LOOn3 (Los Angeles) – You aint Ready
12. TroubleMaker (Pittsburgh) – Last Hope
13. Zoom AKA Brazy (New York) – La La la La(Produced by G-14 Beats
14. Krome (Los Angeles) – Im A Balla
15. Big Joe (Los Angeles) Stomper (Los angeles) & OTO (Boston) – Thrown it All Away (Produced By Loon3)
I’m on #4.. W/ A Banger called “Too Hot” produced by Mr. Loon3

Mixtape | | Download

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Young Gifted and Black and Catch Wreck featured in the Boston Pheonix

Young Gifted and Black makes responsible rap cool
Drama of the Gifted Child
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  August 18, 2010

If you look closely in the 2002 video for Public Enemy’s “Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need,” you’ll see a 13-year-old Jesse Winfrey playing the background. He was hanging in Roxbury’s Funky Fresh Records when front man Chuck D entered the Dudley Square landmark with a cameraman in tow.

Winfrey, who now performs as Catch Wreck, has remained tight with his anti-establishment heroes, and opened for Public Enemy two weeks ago at the House of Blues. Chuck D knows what’s up; along with his other Young Gifted and Black (YGB) counterparts, Winfrey is leading a revolutionary and enlightened rhyme movement in Boston.

Launched in 2007 by Dorchester native and community soldier Vernon C. Robinson, YGB has evolved from a series of events into a collective of socio-politically astute MCs, poets, and singers. As a whole, they don’t endorse drug dealing, gun toting, or ill-gotten gains. As individuals, some participants — including Winfrey and spoken-word prodigy Sofia Snow — push further, fighting the power on such issues as police brutality and CORI reform.

“There’s no buffoonery at my events,” says Robinson. “I don’t need to tell them what to write about, because the youth that I’m dealing with knows what’s going on. They’re leaders with a higher consciousness than most of their peers.”

In the “each one teach one” tradition, Winfrey and other movement veterans are paying lessons forward by recruiting young new talent. Since it was built without a dime of outside funding, YGB might not be on the radar of philanthropists or politicians. But with Catch Wreck and his brethren expanding their positive base, it may be time to take notice.

“Deval Patrick should be paying a lot of attention to this,” says Jamarhl Crawford, an outspoken Boston activist and Winfrey’s mentor since Chuck D introduced them at a Public Enemy show in 2002. “We’ve spoken with [political leaders] about getting funding to help [YGB] grow in the future, but if you look at what’s been going on in the streets, it clear that something needs to happen right now.”

Winfrey, who recently dropped a mixtape dubbed The Young & The Restless, rocks the eighth biennial YGB showcase at OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center in Egleston Square this Saturday. YGB expects 200 attendees this time around.

“For the most part it’s not cool or mainstream to be an activist,” says Winfrey, “and with our music and movement we’re trying to promote responsibility and make it cool.”

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Full Circle!

When I was in Middle School I was the biggest Public Enemy fan, probably at least in the city of Boston. When I was in 7th grade, I was lucky enough to meet them when they shot the video for Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need. Since I’ve known them, they’ve been some of the most humble and sincere people I’ve met in Hip Hop. Last night they performed in Boston and hours before the show, I got the call that I was to open up thanks to Professor Griff and the big homie, Uno the Prophet. At what could quite possibly be one of my biggest performances ever, I shared a stage with the legendary Public Enemy, as well as the slept on Son of Bazerk, and Kendo and The Almost famous.

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